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10 Jan

Restarting The HonestKyle Machine – Struggling Bands MUST READ

Back to the Future DeloreanYou may have noticed that I took a little bit of an extended holiday in December. I didn’t even send out an email to any of my subscribers which I typically do each week or every other week (hell, I lost track).

Well, I just want to say “sorry” and that I didn’t forget about you.

The truth is I’ve been revamping the HonestKyle machine and determining where my time might be better spent in order to get my music out to more people and affect more lives.

And based on this decision, I’ve discontinued some things having to do with the band, and chose to revisit others that I abandoned long ago.

And for any band that’s struggling with how to get their name out there and get more fans based solely on the power of the internet, I think I have a good starting point for you because this is something I’ve decided to focus my time on…

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29 Nov

Video Footage of Last Show at University Pizzeria

HonestKyle LiveDid you come to the show on Nov 20th? If you didn’t, you really missed a doozy!

It was exciting to play a show with some well-known names in Youngstown like Kid Detective and Between Hell and High Water.

And it was awesome to have a few of the Youngstown State University locals come in off the street to hang out with us for the night.

Fun Fact – I earned my bachelor’s degree from YSU

Check out this awesome footage taken by Nick Serra and be sure to visit his YouTube channel for other great vids.

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15 Nov

Why You Should Come To Our Next Show Before Thanksgiving

Back To School Bash Photo 1

If you haven’t noticed, HonestKyle currently has a sparse touring schedule.

On average, we’ve been performing once every couple months and because of this, we’ve seen great turnouts at our shows and we’re extremely grateful for this.

I’m happy to announce that we have another show lined up for next week!

However, this time there’s a major difference for this show that might leave you kicking yourself if you don’t go.

Continue reading to get all the details…

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8 Nov

Download Unreleased Track – Guest Vocals on “Eden” by The Escapologists

Adam and Eve and that homewrecking snakeAwhile ago, I received a positive comment on one of my YouTube videos from a very cool dude.

But, he also asked if I would lay down some vocals on a 2-minute song of his.

Now, I rarely do guest vocals for other musicians and I actually had a lot to do at the time, but I thought “What the hell…”

I was very surprised at the music track since it isn’t what I typically sing to like on my album, but I saw it as an exciting challenge and I dove right in.

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1 Nov

Putting the Slaughter Back in Classy – Interview w/ Between Hell and High Water

Between Hell and High Water

Are you a fan of southern rock? Do Maylene and the Sons of Disaster and Clutch rub you right way?

Well, then you’re going to love Between Hell and High Water.

This band knows how to throwdown in a heavy hoe-down and still show some classic rock flare that takes you back to your roots.

I actually had the pleasure of performing on the same bill as these boys for my second show when I released my full-length album. Nice guys and great musicians.

In this interview, we touch on the topics of song-writing, performing, and their views on professionalism.

And just to clarify, I have NO idea what putting the slaughter back in classy actually means. Apparently this is just something that they say.

Bear with me people.

Check out their answers along with audio and video clips of this rising group.

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25 Oct

[Video] Karo talks about my music

Karo's photoA few weeks ago, I gave a little assignment to my close fans that downloaded my album singles.

I put them into a hypothetical situation and told them to pretend they were talking to a good friend about my music.

They might have said, “I just downloaded songs from this extremely gorgeous musician named HonestKyle. He must be related to David Beckham in some way.”

Then their friend asks, “Well, why should I download his music?”

And then I told them to simply… answer the question with a video.

And that’s exactly what Karo did.

Check out her response because I don’t think I could have asked for a more perfect answer.

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18 Oct

My album is now hosted on these popular music sites

HonestKyle album download sites image

Once you find a favorite music download site, chances are you’ll never try another site again.

We’re creatures of habit and we tend to like things that are familiar to us and hate things that are not.

That’s why another person sitting in your seat in a classroom pisses you the hell off.

Although CD Baby is a reputable site to host indie albums, it isn’t the most popular and so I’ve been working to change that.

Check out this list of popular music download sites where you can get your copy of my full-length album. [click to continue...]

11 Oct

Would you physically harm someone because of their music?

Physical Harm Header Image

Click to tweet the image above

OK, I’ll be honest here (like you would ask of anything more from me), but I don’t enjoy all types of music that I hear.

Yea, I’m not the biggest fan of country. I’m not too big into jazz either.

And I’m sure that you have at least one other genre of music that you don’t really care for either…

…however, would this ever drive you to physically harm a musician of that genre?

[click to continue...]

4 Oct

Underoath breaking up – 5 lessons this band taught us

Spencer Chamberlain from Underoath photo

Spencer Chamberlain of Underoath – photo from

Well, it’s true – Underoath is breaking up.

They announced this a couple days ago and since then, the post-hardcore/screamo world (including myself) has been in tears.

Not me literally.

Honestly, I can’t remember as much remorse for a band since the announcement of Blink-182′s break-up years ago.

But great truly memorable bands don’t come along very often, and when they leave, I almost feels as if they take a piece of you with them.

It’s no secret that while Underoath was a very talented band, they also paved the way with their ethics, attitude, and reinvention of their musical genre.

That’s why, in remembrance of them, I wanted to talk about these 5 lessons that these band members have taught us both directly and indirectly. [click to continue...]

27 Sep

New Metalcore Unleashed – Interview w/ They Promised Escape

They Promised Escape

Over the past 2-3 years, the fan base of the metalcore genre has increased rapidly. It started out pretty raw and eventually took over with some odd synthy-pop groups.

I’m not sure what I think about them…

But in the midst of all these clone metalcore groups, They Promised Escape have proven themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

They’ve recently released their 2nd EP entitled “Clairvoyance” (can be purchased on Amazon and iTunes) which represents their growth as a more melodic group, leaving the metalcore “image” behind.

In this exclusive interview, I talk to Pierce (guitarist) about the group’s creation, their first album, their in-your-face sound, and how they’ve progressed to create their current sound. [click to continue...]

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