Live at the Newton Falls Community Center (Videos)

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What’s up bro?

I’ve got another cool live video for you and it’s actually at the same venue as HonestKyle’s very first show which is kinda funny.

Actually, I forgot, but this venue is no longer open. See, I used to book this place by myself, rent out the whole hall, sell food, and clean up at the end of the night and it only cost like $200.

Eventually, the city couldn’t afford to keep it open anymore and they closed it. Super sad considering I have a lot of good memories there.

What you might notice is that I couldn’t hear the rest of the band too well and so I wasn’t hitting the vocal pitches as well as I normally do even though I was much more lively and enthusiastic about the show compared to last time.

It was still really fun and nobody seemed “turned off” by the performance.

Anyway, again we’re playing all the songs from my full-length album and hopefully you enjoy hearing them live.

Take care,


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